Smoked cheese Naoussa

  • Καπνιστό τυρί Νάουσα Τρεμπελή
  • Καπνιστό τυρί Νάουσα μικρό Τρεμπελή
  • Καπνιστό τυρί Νάουσα μεγάλο Τρεμπελή
  • Καπνιστό τυρί Νάουσα πιπεράτο Τρεμπελή
  • Καπνιστό τυρί Νάουσα ριγανάτο Τρεμπελή
  • Καπνιστό τυρί Νάουσα σκόρδο-βασιλικό Τρεμπελή
Category: Delicatessen cheeses

It is exquisite semi hard cheese which is produced with the technique of the ellastic curd. It is made of fresh cow's milk which is collected from a resctricted collection of family run farms as to achieve its rich taste and its distinctive aroma of smoked  beech and oak trees. It it of cylindrical shape and could be eaten either as it is , or fried (saganaki) but it is ideal even for pizza topping.This cheese could also be found in Trebelis Dairy in three more tastes:

  • Smoked Cheese Naoussa with pepper
  • Smoked Cheese Naoussa with oregano
  • smoked cheese Naoussa with garlic and basil

It is available in three sizes: cylindrical bat (1 Kilo), cylindrical bat( 1,5 kilos), cylindrical bat ( 4,5 kilos) and pear shape ( 1 kilo).


Maximum moisture 40%
Minimum fat content in dry matter45%