Xinotiri- Sour Cheese/ Milk Cheese

A white soft type of cheese, with creamy texture, without skin or holes, with a pleasant slightly sour cooling taste and aroma. It is traditionally produced from either sheep's, goat's milk or with a mixture of both. It has a 75% maximum moisture and a 40% minimum fat content in dry matter.

Geographical region

  • Epirus (Prefectures of  Ioannina,Thesprotia, Arta, Preveza ).
  • Thessalia (Prefectures of Larissa, Trikala, Karditsa, Magnesia ).


Production Method

The milk is heated until it reaches the boiling point and then is placed on containers for 24 hours in room temperature. After adding 3-4% salt, it is left in room temperature for two more days. Simultaneously it is stirred periodically as to reach the desirable acidity level.It is placed in cloth leather sacks, touloumia or wooden barrels with the addition of rennet or not. This process is repeated until the tanks are filled, then are closed air-tight and tranferred to cool, dry storage rooms with a temperature below 80 C for at least two months, in case that fresh milk is used.


The "Milk Cheese" is a Greek traditional type of cheese of high popularity. It dates back many decades and it is a product of wide consumption. It acquired its compound name likely  because of its increased humidity and its soft creamy texture.

In the bibliography reference of 1954 it was reported that " the used milk is that of the goat, especially that which is produced during the end of the milking period, that is during the month of August as it contains more solid substance".

In order to validate, secure and protect all the traditional types of cheese the Greek General Chemical State Laboratory under law Acts published detailed specifications for  Xinotiri/ Milk Cheese that must be met as to insure the quality of the product and to protect the consumers.