Whey cheese which is traditionally produced from sheep's whey or with goat's whey or from a mixture of both on which either sheep's, goat's milk or even its cream is added.

This cheese is renowned for its sublime organic properties. It is suberb table whey cheese which has been produced since the previous century with the help of the traditional technology only in premises in a predefined area.

It is soft cheese with compact structure, white in colour, with no skin, with pleasant sweet pallet and characteristic aroma. It has a 60% maximum moisture and a 70% minimum fat content in dry matter.

Geographical region:

  • Central and Western Macedonia ( Prefectures of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Kilkis, Imathia, Pieria, Pella, Florina, Kozani, Kastoria, Grevena).
  • Thessaly ( Prefectures of Larissa, Trikala, Karditsa, Magnesia).

Production method

The whey is enriched with sheep's or goat's cream so as the fat content of minimum 2.5% to be quaranteed.It is heated at 88-900 C while being constanly stirred for 40-45 minutes. When the temperature reaches 70-750 C, 11NaCl as well as sheep's milk , goat's milk or its creams are added at a proportion up to 25%.The curd remains for 15-30 minutes at the temperature of 88-900 C and afterwards it is transported into cloth sacks as the draining process to initiate,which lasts for 4-5 hours in total.Lastly, manouri cheese is placed into cooling booths of 4-50 C until it is consumed.


Manouri cheese was created and developed in our country where it has been constantly produced for centuries. It is a product of great popularity and it is consumed at a vast rate.

During the Byzantine times the first reports is found.In bibliography, reports in the beginning of the 20th century state that "of the thick cheesemilk/whey, thick mizithra is made, and under the name manouri is of great demand and it is highly paid for", "in some parts of Greece the thick and tasty mizithra is made, the so called manouri which is sold at a fairly good price". Last but not least, it was reported that  "the most renowned manouri is made in Blatsi in Macedonia". Indeed, even nowadays the most famous manouri is produced in Vlasti Macedonia (former name being Blatsi). The special micro-climate and its long lasting stockbreeding tradition attribute to this cheese its suberb nutritious properties.For centuries, manouri cheese from Vlasti has been in great request and are destinated for consumers with demanding standards. Its reputation crossed the borders of Greece and spread.